The man behind the curtain

Yes, I’m terribly late to the whole blogging bit.  The opposite of prolific when it comes to getting things spewed out to the interwebs.  So if you’re looking for a regular diet of bon mots, gourmet recipes and such, well, this likely isn’t the place for you.  If you don’t mind sorting through the rambling bits of this and that, you may come across a fly pattern that catches you a lunker, a recipe that the family insists on every time, or a bit of technology or geekery that you might have otherwise missed.

Such is the vision that your humble scribe has in mind for Food.Geek.Fish.  Whether the reality matches, well, that’s what we’re all here to see, isn’t it?


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One Response to “The man behind the curtain”

  1. bow fishing fly fishing fresh water fishing Says:

    I am wondering that our planned fly fishing family reunion trip to the Gulf is on hold for the time being. Maybe fresh water fishing in Nebraska or North Carolina would be nice instead. Finding a good spot for river fishing is my main certain. I hear they have clean water with plenty of fish.

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